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An Overview of the Synthesis Teams Experience

Here’s what the structure of Synthesis Teams looks like:

  • Play Sessions. Top-tier thinking games that students love, curated by our curriculum team to explore important real-world concepts. Different team structures allow students to practice in different social and cognitive environments.
    • Wednesdays at 3pm - 6pm PDT; Saturdays 7am - 10am PDT.
  • Discussion Sessions. Students from around the world join to lead discussions on philosophical conundrums, open-ended questions, and real-world case studies. Recent examples include whether McDonald's should incorporate AI into their business model, the implications of building a large power plant in a small town, and the classic trolley problem.
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am and 4pm PDT
  • Adult Moderators. Safety is a top concern for us. Every Synthesis session is monitored by trained moderators who are always one click away. While they won’t lead conversations or dictate your child’s experience, they’re always available to answer questions or provide support.
  • Student Agency. Both our play and discussion sessions put students in the driver’s seat of their own experience. Students can attend as many sessions as they want to develop the necessary skills to thrive in a complex world.