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Can this replace my child’s current education?

We are working on a radically new approach to mathematics education, namely, to attend to the true human experience of mathematics and the ability it genuinely offers to create empowered, thinking citizens of the 21st century. The standard curriculum still operates from models of the 1700s. (“Please conduct subtraction via the traditional pencil-and-paper algorithm,” for instance, despite all the answers being readily available on the smartphones in our pockets!) 

Please allow us the time to transform a curriculum that has been so entrenched in the psyche of what society deems as “expected” and “familiar” to one that is exceptionally relevant and empowering for the student of today.

To answer the question posed, the answer is “YES … AND.” We are creating an experience that will have students master all the expectations of today (namely, to answer mechanical “what” questions on assessments) AND become agile thinkers for the 21st century (by answering “why” and “what if” questions as well).