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Technical Requirements for Joining Synthesis

Synthesis is an online educational program for kids across the globe. For that reason, there are a few requirements necessary to ensure your child faces no technical problems and enjoys the best learning experience possible.

Please make sure your child has access to a computer that meets the following minimum specifications before their first session.

Device Check

Please run a device check by visiting http://synthesis.com/setup


Students need either a broadband wired connection or a wireless connection that’s equivalent to 4G/LTE or better. The minimum download speed is 50Mbps, but 100Mbps is recommended.

Computer Specifications

Students need a desktop or laptop computer. We do not support tablets or phones. The computer should either be a desktop no more than five years old (with a dedicated video card) or a laptop or Chromebook no more than three years old.

The computer should also meet the below minimum requirements:

Memory (RAM): 8GB

Processor: 2 Ghz

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Webcam: 720p, built-in or external

Mic: built-in or external

Browser and Operating System (OS)

Students need a computer running either Windows 10 or above, Mac Big Sur 11 or above, or ChromeOS. Students should also use the Chrome browser, not Safari, Firefox, Brave, etc.