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Technical Requirements for Joining Synthesis

One important, unique distinction about the Synthesis experience is that your child gets to play games and have a synchronous video chat with peers from across the world. This unique experience requires strong technical setups to ensure a smooth, engaging session. The nature of our team games means that one student with an insufficient device or network connection can negatively affect their entire team.

Please make sure your child has access to a computer that meets the following minimum specifications before each session. If you’re looking for a device that meets these requirements, many priced within $200-$400 meet our specifications.

Visit our Setup Test at any time to test your computer on our platform.


Students need either a broadband wired connection or a wireless connection that’s equivalent to 4G/LTE or better. The minimum download speed is 50Mbps, but 100Mbps is recommended.

Computer Specifications

Students need a desktop or laptop computer. We do not support tablets or phones.

The computer must also meet the following minimum requirements:

Age: Less than 3 years for laptops or Chromebooks; less than 5 years for desktops (with a dedicated video card)

Memory (RAM): 8GB

Processor: 2 Ghz

Resolution: ‎1920 x 1080

Webcam: 720p, built-in or external

Mic: built-in or external

Browser and Operating System (OS)

Students need a computer running either Windows 10 or above, Mac Big Sur 11 or above, or ChromeOS. Students should also use the Chrome browser, not Safari, Firefox, Brave, etc.