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How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Session

First, peruse our Parent Knowledge Base to orient yourself to Synthesis. In particular, we suggest looking at our articles on the Synthesis journey and the Synthesis philosophy of education.

Second, make sure your student can access an appropriate computer. For example, students need a strong internet connection, access to Google Chrome, and a desktop no more than five years old or a laptop more than three years old. You can review more details about our technical requirements here. We also require running a systems check to ensure everything is running smoothly before their first sessions. 

Third, set up a quiet, comfortable environment for your child to use while they attend their sessions. Their eyes should be level with the screen when they are seated at their desk. We find headphones are helpful for blocking out external noise. Mouses (instead of trackpads) also make it easier for students to play our collaborative thinking games. 

Fourth, log in to your child’s Student Portal so that both of you are comfortable navigating our system. You can also reach out to our Customer Happiness team (questions@synthesis.com) and ask them any questions you may have. 

Fifth, keep your eye on your email.  Check your email often so you’re informed about how things are developing and are aware of new opportunities for your child.